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Exhibitions / Conferences / Events 2020

Meet GAW at one of the following events:


RISI European Conference, 09.-11.03.2020, Lisbon/Portugal



High Security Printing EMEA, 09.-11.03.2020, Lisbon/Portugal 

High Security Printing EMEA Conference 2020


Speciality Papers EU Conference, 20.-21.10.2020, ONLINE Event

Speciality Papers EU Conference 2020


DITP Symposium, 18.-19.11.2020, Postojna/Slovenia

--> Aussteller/Exhibitor

DITP Conference 2020


PAPFOR, 24.-27.11.2020, St. Petersburg/Russia

--> Exhibitor: GERMANY Pavillion in cooperation with OSMO Membrane Systems   



  Exhibitions / Conferences / Events 2021


MIAC, April 2021 (postponement of 2020 event), Lucca/Italy

--> Exhibitor: in cooperation with Frediani

MIAC 2020


Zellcheming, June 2021, Frankfurt am Main/Germany 

--> Exhibitor: Newcomer Pavillion - in cooperation with OSMO Membrane Systems



Paper and Biorefinery Conference, Date to be announced, Graz/Austria 

--> Including lecture/paper presentation "Greater Sustainibility with Waste Coating Colour Recycling" Technology Forum 1

Paper and Biorefinery New