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Binder technology from GAW.

The pulp and paper industry is where we are coming from. The technologies of dispersing, mixing, agitating, milling, deaerating, cooking and filtration are our domain.

In decades of reliable partnerships with our key customers in the paper and pulp industry, the processes and technology of the dispersing aggregates have been continuously improved and were diversified into other industrial segments, For example such as composites, where GAW Binder-technology is coming into operation gradually.

We know the box, we know the way and so we got out of the box.

For the prdoduction of glass fiber melt glass is pushed down through a nozzle plate at a tearing pace. After the fiber is drawn and cooled down with water and air, a size is applied. This size helps protect the single filaments as they are bound into rovings.

In the binder room or at separate preparation staions, the binder is dispersed out of liquids and dry powder, according to the given recipe, which is related to the end purpose. For the application curtain coaters and deaerators are getting used. While some binders are processing aids, others make the fiber have an affinity for a certain resin, if the fiber is to be used in a composite.   

 In general all of the dispersions are made of higly viscous media and their handling, storage and preparation must be done with the utmost care. 

Binder technology from GAW – if one plus one is more than two.

The binder system preparation process is the key to success of effective glass fibre production. GAW dispersing machines enable the preparation of homogeneous dispersions and emulsions with desired viscosities, solids contents and rheological properties.

GAW technologies is grateful and proud for successfully commissioning the new system at f.e. Owens Corning or Johns Mansville.