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GAW technologies says Thank You to employees


 Dear employees,

The past weeks and months have been very challenging for all of us due to the government’s efforts to contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
So right now is the time to address you with a sincere “Thank you!”. Your flexibility and your willingness to take action are a guarantee for all our business partners that even in times of crisis we are a resilient and reliable partner.

Thank You to the employees in production who stand undeviatingly on their machines even in difficult times and who produce our key- and plant components in the usual excellent quality.

Thank You to our supervisors / service engineers / start-up engineers who - if not directly on site - gave our customers competent support by phone and via video chat when travelling suddenly became impossible.

Thank You to everyone in sales, project management, automation, procurement and all other office workers who quickly adapted to the changed circumstances and worked from home. Despite the geographical distance, the cooperation worked excellently and without loss of quality.

Thank You to the multitasking mothers and fathers who suddenly had to accept an unpaid and time-consuming side job as a teacher and playmate.

Thank You to our IT team, who quickly established a functional and secure information and communication structure to work from home, to communicate with each other and to keep in touch with our customers.

The duration of the crisis and its consequences for the global economy cannot be estimated at this point in time and we are facing challenging times with a good deal of uncertainty. Nevertheless, we are looking forward and we are thinking positive about the future and will continue to take advantage of the manifold opportunities that keep opening up for us as a technology company.

Graz, June 2, 2020


Nina Pildner-Steinburg        Wolfgang Senner

Management GAW technologies GmbH

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