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GAW Group

The GAW Group is a group of technology companies operating worldwide focussing on paper-, plastics industry and automation. 

The overall portfolio of the GAW Group includes plant construction, products and industrial services, and serves nine essential markets in almost every region of the world: plastics, paper, water, chemicals, infrastructure, building materials, food, medical engineering and optoelectronics.

The 600 employees of the GAW Group can draw on more than six decades of experience in industrial plant construction, mechanical engineering, industrial services and automation.  

As a worldwide operating company network for industrial plant and mechanical engineering construction, GAW Group offers innovative and customized designed complete solutions all from one hand. The grouping of resources in the company network creates valuable synergies, for the advantage of our customers.

A substantial part of the worldwide production of coated paper and board is achieved using processing equipment from GAW technologies. Special machinery and recycling units from the GAW companies in the plastics and water division are successfully established throughout the world.

On UNICOR production lines, plastic profiles are being manufactured that are making a significant contribution towards resolution of our future challenges as water pipes, tubes in medical applications and protective conduits for fibre glass cables.

Durable high-tech plastics are being made with ECON machines.We close the cycle of recyclable plastic by using the innovative systems engineering from LÖMI to transform plastic packaging waste into plastic thatis as good as new.

Solutions for digital networking and automation of complex production processes and self-optimising processes – have been steadily promoted by AutomationX

Founded in 1951, the GAW Group is today present in nineteen countries and has more than 600 employees. It achieves anannual turnover of EUR 130 million and maintains a widespread network of production facilities, service and sales offices on every continent in the world.