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GAW supports the preservation of maritime ecosystems to reduce CO2

Seegras Manaia4

GAW technologies supports the preservation of maritime ecosystems to reduce CO2

The project Manaia is committed to protecting and regenerating the seagrass meadows. As the “lungs of the Mediterranean”, seaweed is not only a major oxygen producer and a huge carbon sink (it stores more CO2 than forests!) - it is also a ground soil stabilizer and the most important underwater habitat. Most of all animals that we like to see while snorkeling spend at least part of their life in the seagrass - and yet large parts of the Mediterranean seagrass meadows have disappeared. Manaia documents the exact geographical extension as well as all changes and tries to counteract the decline in seaweed in cooperation with other NGOs.

Seegras Manaia

Photo Credit / Seagrass pictures: Project Manaia

As a family company with a history of 70 years, GAW is highly committed to ecological and fair business that is successful in the long term. We are now living up to this responsibility in the third generation and support the protection of this essential maritime living environment.

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December 2021