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Enzymatic starch preparation from GAW at PAPRESA PM5

Papresa GAW starch preparation    

In spring 2022 the refurbished PM5 of Papresa was successfully started up. GAW technologies contributed the enzymatic starch preparation & working stations to the SpeedSizer by Voith Paper.

Starch is applied in various stages of the paper or board manufacturing process, either as an additive for internal sizing, surface sizing and finishing, or in the preparation of the coating colour. The adequate cooking of the starch is an essential requirement for any application.

The classic enzymatic process of GAW has been tested and proven in hundreds of references and scores with rock-solid technology and as the most economical solution. The technology is applicable for all kinds of starch, all temperatures, all solids content and viscosities.

Due to the special process design, the customized starch size with the required viscosity and molar mass distribution is created with a minimum amount of waste water and almost no starch losses.

This also reflects the sustainability goals of Papresa: the savings of precious resources is one of the most important topics for papermakers nowadays.

Additionally GAW supplied the working stations for the supply of the produced surface starch to the SpeedSizer, including the well-proven ECO-R Filter technology to the SpeedSizer.

GAW is proud to have been part of this great project.

Miguel Sanchez, President & CEO at PAPRESA: "Thank you GAW technologies GmbH for your contribution to the successful start up of our refurbished Papresa PM5. We were very proud to have partners like you in our project. Well done!!" 

LinkedIn Post Miguel Sanchez, GAW project at Papresa PM5


May 2022