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AutomationXAutomationX and GAW technologies, two strong partners within the GAW Group, have already automated and optimized hundreds of plants in the pulp and paper industry worldwide.

The worldwide established process control system automationX® by the homonymous company is the product of over thirty years of experience in project execution and is continuously improved and advanced in development partnerships with key customers in the paper industry.

This scalable, hardware-independent, modular Distributed Control System (DCS) enables the customer-optimized implementation of simple, single-user solutions right through to system-wide distributed systems in which the entire breadth of automation and control technology can be configured with a single tool. 

automationX® is not limited to control and visualization but includes a number of integrable modules such as Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions, batch and continuous operation production management systems (MES) and energy management systems.

GAW group technologies Automation automationX industrial plants coating resThe scope of services of AutomationX includes

  • concept development
  • project planning including customer-specific developments
  • complete implementation of system technology including network technology and interfaces
  • electrical engineering with IO level including control cabinet construction
  • commissioning and system optimization
  • customer training
  • follow-up
  • maintenance
  • 24/7 standby service.


automationX® process control system for processing systems – open, adaptable, efficient, modular       

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Industrial plants in the paper industry are usually designed for decades of operation. Therefore, it is necessary to couple different subsystems and field components with different interfaces to a process control technology. AutomationX has implemented a large number of interfaces in their automationX® system, which means they can combine the most diverse generations of components on a single control system. A consistent system configuration from the operating stand to the control as well as the scalability from a single-user solution to highly redundant cluster solutions round out the performance profile.


180410 GAW India Grafik 07Adaptable

Experience has shown that, in the course of implementing a project, there are often a number of adjustments and changes in comparison to the originally designed variant. automationX® offers the opportunity to influence all mechanisms of the automation system comprehensively. In this way, changes and adjustments to the project can be carried out quickly, simply and without interruption.



180410 GAW India Grafik 08Efficient

An experienced team and a network of selected system integrators ensure swift and professional implementation of the projects. Thanks to this structure, AutomationX offers the best possible training, 24/7 support and tailor-made, optimal follow-up support.




Advanced process control-solutions (APC) - Use the full potential of your system 


Your goal as an operator is to exploit the full potential of your production plant. AutomationX® supports you without the need to invest in expensive conversions. Intelligent model-based simulations and regulations enable you to break new ground.

AutomationX's advanced process control (APC) solutions are systems that provide both convenient and efficient analysis of process data as well as intelligent control and regulation of the process based on the data obtained. In doing so, AutomationX works with historical data and the process know-how of your operating team, represented in mathematical models. These APC solutions can react much more quickly to disturbances, thus reducing or completely eliminating variances in the process.

The focus of APC solutions from AutomationX is on the complete digitization of individual system components through to system-wide production optimization. In combination with other AutomationX modules, such as production management (MES), indispensable synergy effects are created.

The expanded e-solutions of AutomationX® contain defined guarantee values that you will achieve with the most modern echnology!   

The APC classic has been enhanced with e(nhanced) modules

GAW Group technologies automationx solutions apc

Enhanced Model Predictive Control (eMPC)-solutions

eMPC solutions optimize individualprocess sections in a targeted manner. AutomationX uses the classic advance process control (APC) approach. The optimization of individual process stages in consideration of all conditions ensure high potential savings (raw materials, additives etc.) and lead to the maximization of the desired quality.

Enhanced Process Optimizer (ePO)-solutions

ePO solutions enable fully networked process optimization across all process stages (time and energy). Hybrid models from physics and history, networked with all relevant systems (ERP, PLS, QCS, etc.) enable a combination of time and energy optimization (balanced manufacturing - BaMa) compared to conventional APS and PPS. The factory-wide simulation or optimization is made possible by the BaMa Tool Chain. Hybrid Discrete Event System (DEVS) mechanisms are the foundation of AutomationX tools. They allow you to link a variety of different models together to model your systems.

Enhanced Paper Machine- (ePM) solutions

ePM solutions enable the cost-effective production of all types of paper and quick and precise grade changes. The substantial savings are achieved by maximizing the filler content, which is to be entered depending on the availability of the rejects and/or the filler. The stepless weighting between quality and cost-optimal operating style allows the flexible adaptation to the product requirements. The continuous adjustment of filler, rejects and chemical additives reduces the variance of ash in the base paper as well as the fluctuations in the retention system. This allows the user to raise the ash target values for all paper types according to the physical potential. In combination with the novel hybrid eMPC technology, it is possible to map discrete process states and continuous dynamic process behaviour in a common process model and thus decisively improve the control behaviour.

Enhanced Pulp- (ePULP) solutions

The ePULP system monitors the bleach effect minute by minute and adjusts the use of chemicals continuously. This achieves more stable process conditions (e.g. pH value) as well as a significantly reduced variance of the final quality, without the operating team having to deal with the process changes. The operating team can concentrate exclusively on system operation. Avoiding over-quality brings immediate savings on chemicals. The lower variance reduces the target and average values in the area of white/finished fabric by several tenths of a percentage point and the total bleaching agent input is optimally distributed over all stages. In addition to the economic effects, the ePULP solution thus leads to demonstrable relief for the operating team and the environment.  

Enhanced Thermo Mechanical Pulp- (eTMP) solutions

eTMP solutions ensure cost-optimized refining operation. Process models for each refining stage bring about local optimization. Missing quality online measurements are displayed in the form of soft sensors. A higher-level optimization module enables energy savings through load shifting. As a result, energy-efficient system components can be used much better. Minute-by-minute calculation cycles allow the constant adjustment of the necessary target values. In addition, the daily forecast of energy prices can be taken into account in production. Smart optimization algorithms skilfully exploit tank levels to run refiner facilities at the lowest energy cost.                                                                                                                                                                                

Enhanced Deinked Pulp)- (eDIP) solutions

The implementation of an eDIP solution in the area of the deinking system creates the basis for a process management that counteracts raw material fluctuations and process variations immediately and with suitable means, stabilizes quality, saves costs and increases the yield. In addition to the control of the individual stages (dissolving drums, pre-flotation, post-flotation, bleaching stages), a higher-level optimizer enables total regulation across all stages. As a result, the goal of the most cost-effective DIP substance treatment can be achieved while adhering to the specified quality objectives with regard to ash content and whiteness. 

Enhanced Drying- (eDRY) solutions

Drying processes in the paper industry require about 70% of the total energy requirement. This is reason enough to invest in the reduction of steam consumption. eDRY reduces steam consumption without the need for your operating team to intervene. Hybrid process models (empirical and physical) depict the drying process with all relevant ancillary processes. The result is a virtual representation of the real paper machine. A closed-loop operation of the real paper machine makes it possible to optimize the steam consumption in the dryer group. The key to success is the calculated dry content after the press section. With the additional application of the ePM solution, a substantial reduction in steam consumption can be achieved without disregarding quality specifications.