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„Smart Production with AutomationX“

The GAW group worldwide established process control system automationX® by the homonymous company is the product of over thirty years of experience in project execution and is continuously improved and advanced in development partnerships with key customers in the composites & nonwoven industry.

This scalable, hardware-independent, modular Distributed Control System (DCS) enables the customer-optimized implementation of simple, single-user solutions right through to system-wide distributed systems in which the entire breadth of automation and control technology can be configured with a single tool. 

automationX® is not limited to control and visualization but includes a number of integrable modules such as Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions, batch and continuous operation production management systems (MES) and energy management systems.


automationX® process control system for processing systems – open, adaptable, efficient, modular       


Industrial plants in the composites & nonwoven industry are usually designed for decades of operation. Therefore, it is necessary to couple different subsystems and field components with different interfaces to a process control technology. AutomationX has implemented a large number of interfaces in their automationX® system, which means they can combine the most diverse generations of components on a single control system. A consistent system configuration from the operating stand to the control as well as the scalability from a single-user solution to highly redundant cluster solutions round out the performance profile.



Experience has shown that, in the course of implementing a project, there are often a number of adjustments and changes in comparison to the originally designed variant. automationX® offers the opportunity to influence all mechanisms of the automation system comprehensively. In this way, changes and adjustments to the project can be carried out quickly, simply and without interruption.