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Supply, unloading and storage

Excellent warehouse logistics for every product.

"Excellent warehouse logistics for every product."

In the area of supply, unloading and storage, media are pumped via a fine filter into the storage container. The delivery of the products is mostly by truck, railway wagon or container.

For over sixty years, GAW technologies has been engaged in the planning and turnkey construction of equipment for the handling and storage of products used in the manufacture and refining of composites and nonwoven.

GAW technologies not only plans and delivers the unloading station, but also sets up the complete unloading system including all elements, as well as piping systems and automation. The complete process of unloading is carried out in fully automatic operation.  

Operational safety, protection of personnel and the environment – these are our directives. For this reason, GAW unloading stations are state-of-the-art and meet the highest safety requirements.