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Plant optimization

Smart process- and production plants

„Advanced Process Control Solutions (APC) – Use the full potential of your system. „

Your goal as an operator is to exploit the full potential of your production plant. AutomationX® supports you without the need to invest in expensive conversions. Intelligent model-based simulations and regulations enable you to break new ground.

AutomationX's advanced process control (APC) solutions are systems that provide both convenient and efficient analysis of process data as well as intelligent control and regulation of the process based on the data obtained. In doing so, AutomationX works with historical data and the process know-how of your operating team, represented in mathematical models. These APC solutions can react much more quickly to disturbances, thus reducing or completely eliminating variances in the process.

The focus of APC solutions from AutomationX is on the complete digitization of individual system components through to system-wide production optimization. In combination with other AutomationX modules, such as production management (MES), indispensable synergy effects are created.

The expanded e-solutions of AutomationX® contain defined guarantee values that you will achieve with the most modern echnology!   

The APC classic has been enhanced with e(nhanced) modules


Enhanced Model Predictive Control (eMPC) Solutions.

eMPC solutions optimize individualprocess sections in a targeted manner. AutomationX uses the classic advance process control (APC) approach. The optimization of individual process stages in consideration of all conditions ensure high potential savings (raw materials, additives etc.) and lead to the maximization of the desired quality.

Enhanced Process Optimizer (ePO)-solutions

ePO solutions enable fully networked process optimization across all process stages (time and energy). Hybrid models from physics and history, networked with all relevant systems (ERP, PLS, QCS, etc.) enable a combination of time and energy optimization (balanced manufacturing - BaMa) compared to conventional APS and PPS. The factory-wide simulation or optimization is made possible by the BaMa Tool Chain. Hybrid Discrete Event System (DEVS) mechanisms are the foundation of AutomationX tools. They allow you to link a variety of different models together to model your systems.