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Water treatment

OSMO and GAW technologies – two excellent synergy partners within the GAW Group.

 „Excellent water treatment plants“.

In the composites and nonwoven industry, the economic benefits of membrane separation processes come first and foremost through the optimized use of resources. Unused potential for saving water, energy and raw materials can be fully exploited by means of these technologies.

GAW water technologies and OSMO Membrane Systems, a highly specialized company within the GAW Group, develop and build high-quality industrial membrane separation systems for various process applications.

The focus here is on tailor-made special systems, filtration and reverse osmosis systems as well as solutions for water and wastewater treatment. The membrane separation processes applied by GAW and OSMO use the process steps of micro- and ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and membrane degassing as well as further steps for the separation of e.g. particles, viruses, bacteria and interfering molecules or ions by means of a selective separation process.

Water used in industrial production contains ingredients that can be critical for high system availability in the paper process. Regulatory requirements and high wastewater costs require efficient membrane separation systems to reduce water and energy consumption.

Typical applications of GAW water technologies systems in the composites and nonwoven industry:

Ultrafiltration / reduction of wastewater volumes / Reverse osmosis

Well and surface water treatment suitable for removal or reduction of solids, microorganisms, turbidity and suspended solids to supply internal consumers and as a precursor to reverse osmosis. The high-quality water quality reduces the specific consumption and increases the chemical efficiency.

Reverse osmosis / energy efficient water and condensate treatment / Ion exchanger

Safe production of demineralised water for boiler supply. The Factor X process step developed by OSMO (GAW Group) can achieve yields of >90%, which considerably reduces the wastewater quantity and improves the efficiency of the system.

Ultrafiltration / reduction of wastewater volumes / Reverse osmosis

Combined systems from GAW water technologies enable the treatment and recycling of biologically contaminated wastewater from paper production. For more heavily polluted process waters, the COD load or solids can be separated by ultrafiltration, including bleaching wastewater, clear filtrate and coating colours.