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Efficient and digital production

Efficient and Digital Production

With more than 30 years of experience in composite & nonwoven production, we implement efficient and digital process solutions that enable smart production and thus significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of our composite / nonwoven customers and sustainably reduce the impact on our environment.

Already in 1983 we put the first fully automatic processing plants for fiberglass preparation into operation. The procedural core processes, such as the mixing of different materials, remained the same, but the requirements for people and systems have changed significantly due to the digital transformation.

At GAW technologies, intelligent and networked processes and systems - which enable the recording and analysis of large amounts of data - form the digital basis for optimal system control and operation. For us, intuitive system operation and control are the basic requirements for optimal and efficient operation of your production system.

GAW develops und implements smart process- and production plants in the composite und nonwoven business area for 

for the entire raw material and chemical preparation.

We support you with expertly tailored production planning and control solutions.

We implement integrated and environmentally friendly solutions for industrial water treatment.

In addition we optimize individual process steps up to completely networked lines in your production plant.

As a technology partner, we offer the most modern production technologies and processes that are tailored to the production of composite and nonwoven materials. Increasing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process and system optimization are the top priorities of our systems and processes.

In addition to our passion for technology, we also share the passion of our customers to be world leaders.

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