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"We get the best out of every product."

Paper and cardboard are mainly made from fibres and fillers.In order to achieve the desired properties of the product, specific chemicals, so-called auxiliary substances, are also used.

Auxiliary substances are also referred to as additives. They are either mixed directly into the paper stock or applied to the paper at certain points on the paper machine or by a coater. There is a difference here between paper additives and process chemicals.

Paper additives are components of the finished paper. They remain mainly in paper during production and serve to give the paper necessary or desirable properties. The paper additives include sizing agents, dry and wet strength agents, pigments, dyes, optical brighteners and coating binders.

Process chemicals in turn serve to control and improve the manufacturing process as well as keep the system clean. They usually only remain in the paper in traces. The process chemicals include, among others, retention and fixative agents, flocculants and slimicides as well as defoamers and deaerators.

For an efficient production and coating process, the masterful preparation and exact dosage of the excipients are critical.