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GCC preparation

Ultrafine grinding technology with the highest added value.

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"Ultrafine grinding technology with the highest added value."

Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is used in papermaking as a filler as well as a coating pigment for surface finishing, whereby the ultimate fineness of the final product is achieved only by single or multi-stage milling processes using GAW Ultramill technology.

With its unparalleled vertical design, the GAW Ultramill embodies an extension of horizontal grinding ball technology, enabling the preparation of customized particle sizes.

Since the successful launch of the GAW Ultramill in 1994, customers rave about the "excellent milling technology designed to make money".

To date, several hundred GAW Ultramills of various sizes have been installed worldwide for the dry and wet grinding of calcium carbonate. The capacities of the individual systems range from 30,000 tons to 1,000,000 tons per year.

It achieves levels of fineness of 60% ≤ 2 microns for filler, to 75% ≤ 2 microns for the precoat, and up to 90%, 95% and 98% ≤ 2 microns for the topcoat.