GAW rental units and trial equipment for significant reduction of operating costs through optimization of operating methods

Rental units fields

GAW offers its customers a whole range of state-of-the-art rental and laboratory systems. These systems are used either in test series in a trial laboratory or on the respective lines, as well as directly on site for production bypassing.

  • Starch Preparation Unit / STARCH 4 RENT
  • Laboratory Dispersing Machine / BOTTOM DRIVE 4 RENT
  • Trial Rotation Filter / ECO-R 4 RENT
  • Trial Static Filter / ECO-S 4 RENT
  • Heavy Material Separator / SAND 2 END 4 RENT
  • Cyclone Deaerator / AIR-VENT 4 RENT
  • Heat Recuperation / HEAT RECOVERY 4 RENT

Rental units GAW

GAW supports you with rental and laboratory systems - either in our in-house technical center in Graz/Austria, or directly at your paper or board mill.

Regulatory & official requirements, increasing demands for efficiency and cumulative competitive pressure in international markets put high demands on the operators of existing systems. The most important thing is to minimize investment costs and operating costs, but without neglecting a high system availability. Especially with existing systems, there are a number of starting points to reduce operating costs, for example in terms of energy and chemical savings, and to significantly increase the efficiency of the system.

Pilot and trial systems enable cost-saving testing under real conditions. By adjusting the process engineering parameters of a system, a significant improvement in performance can often be achieved. This results in noticeable savings in raw materials, lower amounts of wastewater or significantly longer service lives of the systems.

Your added value:

Cost-saving testing of new products

Planning security

Reduction of operating costs

Support by process engineering experts

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