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Heat recovery system

Protects the climate and lowers costs.

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"Protects the climate and lowers costs."

The cooking of starch is a staple element of the paper making process, no matter what kind of starch is applied. In this step, the starch is heated under pressure and by direct steam.

This is followed by relaxation in a cyclone, whereby the resulting expansion steam and heat energy contained therein is oozing unused into the atmosphere. Then the starch is stored.

So why evaporate your money? In times of climate change and the accompanying climate agreements, we cannot allow ourselves to let this heat energy escape unused into the atmosphere.

That's why GAW technologies has developed a compact modular system that recovers the energy through heat exchanger. The energy of the suspension is fed back in at the inlet to the Jet Cooker, thus reducing the amount of direct steam.

The patented GAW Heat Recovery System at starch preparation lines is well established in the market, enabling energy savings of over 50% for the inactivation of the Jet Cooker.