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Working stations

Excellent symbiosis of feeding system and coating head.

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"Excellent symbiosis of feeding system and coating head."

The working station is a circulatory system, via which homogenized coating colour, surface starch and other coating agents from the storage containers of the coating colour kitchen are pumped via filters into working containers. They are then pumped via further filters to the coating heads. Surplus coating colour is returned to the working tank after passing the coating unit via return lines.

In order to avoid disturbances in the coating strokes (e.g. squeegee strips), GAW deaerators are used in addition to filter systems such as the ECO-R and ECO-S. The deaerators remove air and gas bubbles from the coating colour.

Depending on the design of the coating heads, the working stations are tailored to the application and adapted with quality control instruments. A big advantage of the GAW working stations is the unique piping, which minimizes the air content of the coating mass from the outset and prevents the build-up of agglomerates.

GAW has decades of experience in all of the established coating heads – hundreds of references from around the world make clear the excellence of our work.