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LIFE2IMPROVE – Performance Optimization

Consulting on how to increase the efficiency of both in-house and third-party systems, based on audits, analyses and troubleshooting. Implementation of the developed optimization/upgrade strategy: from adjusting the operating parameters, to upgrading software and/or hardware, to replacing components or even the entire system.

Production Optimization (GAW-Units)

The main focus is on the analysis of the process parameters, their evaluation and subsequent optimization. If possible, the increase in performance is achieved without (or only through minor) changes to the existing system components. The employees are sensitized and trained accordingly to ensure an enduring improvement.

Prozess and system optimization (GAW and third-party systems / external installations)

The main focus is on the analysis of the system components, the software and the technology used. It is checked whether the system still corresponds to the state-of-the-art and whether the applicable laws and guidelines are complied with. On this basis, measures for system optimization are developed. Correspondent suggestions (from retrofit to APC solutions to replacement - depending on the customer's wishes) are elaborated, economically examined and presented.

LIFE2SERVE – Remote Services

Trouble shooting and production monitoring by remote control.

After StartUp Service

New systems often experience a so-called performance gap in the first few months after successful commissioning. To avoid this and to provide support to staff, GAW offers remote-based condition monitoring. Using remote access, the performance coaches can check the unit at certain times, optimize it further and, if necessary, intervene to provide support.


A performance coach is reachable, accesses the system remotely if necessary and takes appropriate measures. He can also react to changes in process parameters, support the operating personnel and, if necessary, initiate any necessary actions by the operators.

LIFE4SEE – Early Problem Detection

Early detection and elimination of weak/pain points in the process and in units, based on the application of smart monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Digital Twin (Automation X)

Modeling and simulation of certain unit sections based on historical and real-time data. This makes it possible to determine optimal process parameters and to anticipate possible disruptive influences.

Predictive Maintenance (Automation X)

With the help of Smart Monitoring, it is possible to analyze changes in operating resource requirements and thus determine the optimal time for the replacement of wear and tear parts. Subsequently, appropriate spare parts can be procured just in time and, if desired, automatically.