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Glue kitchen


The cost-efficient and resource-saving glue kitchen for the corrugated cardboard industry.

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GAW Glue Kitchen Starch2Glue


In addition to paper, glue is the most important component in the production of corrugated cardboard. In the industrial adhesive preparation, starch and additives are treated in a batch process with high metering precision.
GAW technologies is the first choice in this regard because dosing, mixing and dispersing has been our profession and passion for over 70 years. We are also world-leading experts in powder transport and storage. In addition, we offer extensive specialist knowledge and expertise for standards and guidelines in explosion protection and water resources act.


  • Glue kitchens for corrugators up to a width of 3.35 m and a speed of up to 450 m/min.
  • Processing different types of starch such as wheat, corn, potato and rice
  • Reduced energy requirements due to short agitating times through optimized dispersion technology
  • Viscosity stability and recipe accuracy using a flexibly adjustable operation mode
  • Glue preparation capacity up to 6 t/h with quick batch preparations through a two-tank system
  • Low starch loss and water savings through the reuse of washing- and colouring water
  • Reproducible starch glue batches with high yields and first-class glue qualities
  • Enhancement of the adhesive strength and wet-strength gluing through precise dosing of additives
  • Low gel point up to 48°C without diluting the caustic soda and energy-saving gluing of the corrugated cardboard
  • Fully automatic and self-optimizing production system
  • Easy handling
  • Remote access and 24/7 support
  • Reporting: recipe management and (batch-) logging
  • Automatic traceability of all used materials/chemicals
  • Signal exchange between glue kitchen and corrugator plant
  • Connection to your ERP-system and on-demand oriented production
  • More than 70 years of international experience in the processing of powder and liquid media
  • Everything from a single source: Your complete provider for starch glue kitchens, water treatment (process and feed water, condensate recycling), automation & digitalization

 starch2glue glue kitchen

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