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Everything from a single source.

Everything  from a single source.

As the supplier for coating colour preparation systems, GAW technologies has decades of experience and impressive worldwide references in the planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of complete coating colour kitchens.

In the coating colour kitchen, the coating colours are processed by dosing and dispersing individual components in a special mixing unit according to the given recipe, based on quantity and time sequence. The coating formulations depend on the application of the paper, the paper machine, the coating process and the location

Depending on the desired technical and optical properties of the paper quality (e.g. surface weight, density, strength, roughness, brightness, whiteness, opacity, gloss), pigments, binders and additives are used in the dispersion.

Dispersing is therefore the central, quality-determining step in coating colour preparation.

For this reason, GAW technologies has persistently improved the process and technology of its dispersing units in dependable partnerships with key customers and developed them into highly efficient dispersing systems.

The GAW dispersing machines are the heart of every coating colour kitchen and are constructed under the premises of energy efficiency, consistent and reproducible qualities, scalability, preservation of the medium and optimal process connection.