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Landfill leachate treatment

Landfill leachate must not be leaded to the canalization or the recipient untreated. According to the guidelines of environmental protection, waste water hast to fulfill limit values of introduction and reusable water has to be cleaned and separated to be used as process water or maybe as drinking water.

DeponiesickerwasserSo, also landfill leachate – as many other industrial waste waters, too – has to be treated in a way, that introduction into a downstream sewage plant or recipient is according to the law.

The multitude of ingredients of the landfill leachate has to be concentrated as much as possible, so that they can be bailed compact and without negative results for the environment.

For the treatment of landfill leachate we offer the following processes of conditioning:
Treatment of the leachate to reach recipient quality and concentration of the remaining ingredients in a way, that they can be leaded back to the landfill considering the water balance.

Water analysis of an existing leachate recovery

Analyse Deponiesickerwasser

CSB- and BSB-values can be reduced significantly by an upstream ultrafiltration plant.

If a system for pre-conditioning already exists, reverse osmosis can be operated in a single- or multi-stage installation, depending on the quality requirements.

Reverse osmosis is the first choice for leachate treatment, especially, if the concentrate can be recirculated to the landfill. On costumer request OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH runs these plants at the according landfills.