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GAW Jet Cooker

GAW jet cooker starch preparation


The processing of starch involves all process stages including the storage of the starch powder, dispersing, gelatinization, and thinning for the intended usage.


GAW technologies starch processing systems are either supplied as standardized "skid units" or tailored to the customer's special requirements.

Advantages of the GAW Starch Preparation

  • Fast ROI
  • No risk as it is a proven and reliable technology.
  • The most sustainable concept among classic systems:
    • Wastewater-free operation through the circuit line
    • Many adjustable parameters and thus possibilities to influence starch quality
    • Constant starch quality even under fluctuating throughputs
    • Constant solids content and constant viscosity
    • Possibility for online measurement of viscosity
    • Lagging operation mode: The system adapts fully automatically to the starch consumption without requiring a stop & go operation
    • Optional Heat Recovery System to save 50% of steam in the cooking step
    • Tailor-made design and solutions
  • Production safety always comes first at GAW!
  • GAW scores with expertise and transparency and supports the customer with words and deeds/actions. A mobile rental unit is available for industrial scale trial runs.
  • Retrofitting the classic system with the new, promising cavitation process from GAW is possible at any time. This process is currently in the final phase of an extensive series of tests on an industrial scale. The process is far more promising and resource saving than other currently investigated approaches, and promises further savings in the future.